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Teen Substance Abuse Info

Drug abuse and addiction is becoming alarmingly common in today’s youth, giving rise to the need for teen rehab programs that are tailored specifically toward adolescents and young adults. Let us take a look at some important facts and statistics that shed a light of substance abuse in teens.

  • Statistics show that almost 50% of teens in the senior year of high school have used or abused one kind of drug or the other
  • 15% of teens accepted that they tried or used marijuana by 8th grade
  • In total a whopping 43% of teenagers in senior high school have used marijuana
  • 6% of 12th graders have used hallucinogens while 4% specifically accepted using LSD
  • 60% of teenagers going to school accepted that they have kept, used or sold some kind of drug when in school
  • 64% teenagers said that they have either used or tried prescription pain killers that they either got from a friend or a family member
  • A more teenagers die because of prescription drug abuse than using cocaine and heroin combined

What Teen Rehab Programs are like

Teen rehab programs usually offer customized and specialized rehab programs for teenagers who are struggling and coping with substance abuse. Most of these rehab programs focus on the physical, emotional as well as spiritual needs of teens and their families. A teen rehab program structure consists of a personalized treatment plan, and it incorporates proven methods into this plan so that the suffering teenager acquires the coping mechanism that is a necessity in order to live a life free of alcohol and drugs. They offer substance abuse counseling, therapy as well as a wide range of abuse counseling and therapy.

 Seeking the Right Rehab Program for your Teen

With so many drug rehab and treatment options available, it can become quite difficult for you to choose a substance abuse program for your teen without proper guidance. This is why seeking expert advice is a good option.

If you or a loved one needs to find a drug rehab center then our rehab helpline number is always available for you. Call us today and our expert adviser will help you find the best rehab center near your area

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