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Mushroom addiction info

Mushrooms grow naturally and that is why they appear quite harmless to most of us. Unfortunately, their harmlessness is nothing but a myth. In fact, they have the potential to hurt us quite badly. A lot of health surveys prove that the wrong kind of mushrooms is poisonous and they can even be deadly.

Symptoms of mushroom overdose

Most of the time mushrooms are not considered addictive but they can have some serious health side effects. These include:

  • Feeling of nausea and anxiety
  • Panic attacks as well as hallucinations
  • Flashbacks and feeling of disorientation

Mushroom overdose or excessive intake of mushrooms can cause the patient to suffer from acute psychological collapse. In case the user or close family members already have a history of mental and emotional health issues the risk can become even more devastating and destructive. The adverse effects of mushroom intake are seen more prominently when the user is also taking antidepressants like MAOIs,  mono-amine oxidase inhibitors.

In case you yourself or a loved one has suffered from a mushroom overdose – the right mushroom overdose program may be your initial step to a drug-free life. With the help of the right professional program you learn not only to live without your drug but also move on with your life in the healthiest manner possible.

Rehab Programs for Mushroom Recovery

Different recovery programs work in different ways. That is why when you are selecting a drug rehab program for mushroom you need to consider a lot of factors before making your final choice. You need to go for a facility that deals specifically in your problem and can help you in treatment of all your issues simultaneously. For instance, the treatment program should offer you support and treatment for your mushroom overdose problem as well as help to deal with a mental illness if any -as well as offer therapy for a trauma that you may have suffered as a child.

Our extensive experience in addiction program can help you immensely. We are always available to take your calls and guide you towards the best mushroom overdose treatment program. Call our addiction recovery helpline now.

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