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Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis rehab programs are specialized rehab programs used in the treatment of patients who are suffering from a drug, alcohol or behavioral health problem that also has an underlying mental disorder like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

It is usually seen that a person suffering from substance or alcohol addiction usually start taking drugs because of a mental health problem and in order to deal with the symptoms of his mental illness he starts using the choice drug as a means to self medication. The regular use of alcohol and drug relieve the symptoms of the problem but in the process the person becomes dangerously dependent on drugs that destroy him both psychologically and mentally. This is where dual diagnosis alcohol or drug rehab program help as they get to the core of the addiction problem and work on solving the mental health issues of the patient along with his addiction so that he does not go into a relapse in future.

What to Expect in Dual Diagnosis Rehab

When a person enrolls in a dual diagnosis rehab program the first thing that he undergoes is a full psychological evaluation. This evaluation helps in determining the following:

  • The type of mental health disorder the patient is suffering from
  • The time when the symptoms of the disorder appeared
  • When the patient did started substance abuse
  • How bad the substance abuse is
  • What kind of treatment does the patient requires

A inpatient dual diagnosis treatment facility helps the patient to leave behind his everyday normal stressful life that is increasing his problem. Counselors and doctors help the patient understand about his specific mental disorder and together with him set the goals for both his mental disorder as well as substance addiction.

Finding the Right Dual Diagnosis Program

If you or a loved one needs to find a dual diagnosis rehab program then our rehab helpline number is always available for you. Call us today and our expert advisory team will help you find the best drug or alcohol rehab center near your area.

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