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Behavioral Addictions

Common behavioral addictions

Behavior addictions are also known as non-substance addiction or process addiction. These behavioral addictions can be as dangerous as drug and alcohol addictions and have the same negative effects on the suffering person’s life. Behavioral addictions are usually associated with impulse controls that cause the addict to behave compulsively in a way that is considered negative.

Just like drug and alcohol a person suffering from behavioral addiction experiences the same type of rush or high that a substance abuse person gets and that is why they engage in a particular behavior. Most of the time behavioral addictions are of those activities that people engage in regularly and sometimes on in frequent basis. Some common behavioral addictions are:


How Can Behaviors become Addictive?

When an individual engage in various activities, especially the ones that are pleasurable or a little risky, their body and mind receives an immediate response that can be defined as experiencing an adrenaline rush or euphoria. With this kind of response the repetition of that particular activity is also reinforced. For example, activities like eating and having sex is necessary for sustenance as well as procreation and may not be considered dangerous or destructive when it is done in moderation and a responsible manner. But the stimulus as well as the immediate response and reward of engaging in these activities make them addictive for some. The reason for the euphoric effect is the release of dopamine in the brain and when the dopamine is released in higher than normal levels, the reinforcement to repeat the behavior is higher.


People at risk of these behavioral addictions are:

  • The ones with low self esteem
  • Suffered from trauma, loss and guilt
  • Ones with poor social and communication skills


Rehab Programs for Behavioral Addictions

Most of the time the reason behind these types of addictions is some kind of underlying issue. Behavioral rehab programs help in reaching the root cause of the problem that drives a person to compulsively engage in destructive behaviors. Once the root cause is known the rehab team helps the patient to deal with his issues in the healthiest manner possible.

If your or a loved one is suffering from a behavioral addiction, please call us now and let us help you find the best rehab program for the problem.

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