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Pornography Addiction

How Pornography Can Become Addictive

Most of the time porn is not an addictive thing and not everyone watching porn will become addicted to it. Most of the time people who watch porn come away with extremely polluted view about women, sex, marriage as well as children. This is bad enough but in the recipe of this addiction porn is only one ingredient and people who are into porn addiction most often do not have some kind of emotional weakness or opening that allows a simple habit to turn into an addiction.

The dangerous thing about sex as well as porn addiction is that one becomes addicted to them without shooting up any drug in the body – your body gets high and excited just by looking at something, in short porn makes its own drug for the addicted person. At this point, it has become one of Behavioral Health Problems that needs to be treated. In fact, according to doctors’ sex and pornography addiction can prove to be even more difficult addictions to break then a cocaine habit.

Stages of Pornography Addiction

Medically the different stages of porn addiction or just addiction are broadly divided into five categories and they are:

  • Early exposure to porn – A vast majority of people who get addicted to porn start seeing this kind of stuff at a very young age which exposes them to a dangerous world
  • Addiction – After exposure the individual gets hooked to the porn and keeps coming back for more
  • Escalation – Now the habit escalates and you start delving deeper and deeper into porn, watching stuff that would have disgusted you earlier
  • Desensitization – Now the addict becomes numb and even the most gross and degrading porn does not excite you
  • Acting out sexually – This is the most dangerous stage of any addiction where the addict starts acting out sexually to satisfy himself

Seeking Help for Your Pornography Addiction

If you see a pattern mentioned above in yourself or a loved one then you need to put on the brakes right now. If you think that porn has started to control your life, then you need to realize that you are in serious trouble and need help.

A lot of treatment and rehab facilities offer specialized pornography addiction treatment programs that are designed specifically to help individuals dealing with the problem. You can call our treatment adviser any time and we will help you find the best treatment option for your problem.

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