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Addictive antidepressants

Antidepressants are drugs that are given to patients who are suffering from moderate to severe depression. However, they do not cure depression but help in relieving the severe symptoms of the illness like sadness, irritability as well as thoughts of suicide. These antidepressants are a blessing for a lot of individuals who want to get rid of the dark fog of depression and live their life normally. But everything has a flip side and antidepressants are no exception. If taken without the strict administration of a certified doctor then these drugs can cause a lot of harm as they can be very addictive, and that’s why sometimes a prescription drug rehab program is necessary.

If you ask any pharmacologist they will tell you that antidepressants are not addictive. This conclusion is based on the fact that they do not contain addictive substances. However, it is true that antidepressants may not be physically addictive but they can cause psychological addiction.

Antidepressant Dependence

The main reason behind antidepressant dependence or addiction is the fact that these drugs alter the chemical activity of the brain and when a person becomes addicted to them he starts taking them excessively because he feels like he cannot function normally without them.

Dependence on antidepressants does not take a very long time to develop. It just takes a few days for a person to get addicted to the drugs, especially if a person who is suffering from severe depression takes it. When a person suffering from severe depression take antidepressants they instantly feel relaxed this is why there are high chances that the person becomes psychologically dependent on the drug.

When a person takes the drug for a long duration of time he develops tolerance towards the drug, which means he now needs to take a higher dose of the antidepressants in order to get the same high as before. The more tolerance a patient builds for the drug the more he becomes dependent on it and starts to crave it.

Antidepressants addiction rehab

drug rehab program is a necessity for any individual who has developed dependence for antidepressant drugs. Most of the time these program consist of psychological counseling as well support groups. These programs are known to be very successful for people suffering from this type of addiction.

If you or a loved one consumes antidepressants habitually and would like to wean off of them, than call us and we will help you select the best possible rehab program for your problem.

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