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What is an intervention?

Experts, who have been dealing with drug addicts, rehab and detox programs created to help drug and alcohol addicts’ kick their habit will tell you that an intervention is a powerful tool to help. Intervention can simply be defined as an education process that is directed professionally resulting in a one-on-one meeting of the addicted person with his family and friends regarding his trouble with drugs and alcohol. This process helps the individual realize that his drug or alcohol habit has spiraled out of control and is affecting his personal as well as his professional life. The main goal of an intervention session is to make the addict realize that he needs help and for him to get this help as soon as possible.

Tips and Guidelines for conducting an intervention

You need to remember that an intervention does not mean cornering the person with the problem – it is in fact an education and information process for the friends and the family members. You need to remember that an addicted person is already very frail emotionally and even a little force or accusatory tone can cause him or her to withdraw. Take this process as an opportunity for the family to come together as a united group that is meant to share information about the problem and to offer support to the loved one. Before you sit and confront the addict, it is important that the other people attending separately decide the best way to conduct the intervention. Once this is done, a meeting with the concerned individual can be set.

Interventions are emotionally draining and one misstep can lead the addict to refuse any help. This is why it is always advisable that intervention is professionally directed. An expert will help you determine exactly who are the right people to be involved in the intervention as the success of the intervention depends upon the people involved in the process.

How Interventions Can Help in Recovery

Intervention is the initial step in the long road of recovery for any addict. An intervention helps in triggering a confession from the individual that his drug or alcohol habit has spiraled out of control and now he needs professional help to deal with it. If the intervention is successful the addict may be more likely to seek help from a drug or alcohol rehab. So it is important that this is done right.

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