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Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is a kind of behavioral health disorder and is very similar to pathological gambling. This type of addiction does not involve the use of any intoxicating drug but this addiction is almost as dangerous as drug and alcohol addiction. The addiction of video games is also known as compulsive/ excessive or pathological use of computer games and or video games.

Video Game Addiction Statistics

Studies and statistics show that video game addiction is more commonly found in men and boys as compared to women and girls. In fact recent survey reports show that every one in ten youth (ages 8-18) can be classified as a video game addict or a pathological gamer.

Warning Signs of Video Game Addiction

The several warning signs of video game addiction are:

  • Being preoccupied with the thoughts of the game which means that the addict is always thinking about his previous on-line activity or anticipating his next session
  • Sitting and playing the game for long periods of time in order to achieve satisfaction
  • Trying to control the impulse to play video games but failing in the efforts
  • When not playing the game the addict feels restless, depressed and irritated
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Playing video games even at the risk of losing a job, educational or career opportunities as well as important relationships
  • Hiding the extent of addiction from friends, family and therapists
  • Using video game as a way to escape problems or relieve a dysphoric mood

The addiction of video games can lead to some very serious and destructive problems related to family, finance, education as well as occupation. Most of the time people suffering from this kind of addiction are considered socially awkward and like to spend most of their time in solitary seclusion away from real people.

Getting Help for a Video Game Addiction

Getting help for video game addiction is a necessity and the first step to do that is to determine that there is a problem. Once that is done finding the right treatment program is easy- just give us a call on our rehab helpline number and we will help you find the most appropriate treatment option for your problem.

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