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Cocaine is one of the most powerful stimulant drug that is famous, or rather infamous, for the direct effects that it has on the human brain. Cocaine hydrochloride is the pure chemical found in the drug, which has been abused for over 100 years in the US. The Coca plant, which is usually cultivated in South American countries like Bolivia and Peru, is the primary source of this stimulant. While most people are aware of cocaine as a street drug, it is also a regularly used drug by doctors to treat a number of different conditions. Medically and ethically this drug is used as a local anesthetic in surgeries of eye, throat and ear.

Labelled as a Schedule II drug, cocaine has a very high potential of being addictive and long term use of this stimulant can definitely lead to addiction. Cocaine addiction has the power to disrupt the life of the user in the most negative manner possible and when used over a long period of time it can also lead to feelings of aggression, mood swings, irritability, restlessness and paranoia. Other health problems that can arise due to the use of this drug include gastrointestinal complications, neurological effects as well as cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. Drug rehab is almost always needed to fully recover from addiction after one starts abusing cocaine.

 Cocaine Drug Rehab

Cocaine addiction is an extremely severe problem and it is almost impossible to get rid of it without the help of a professional rehab program. A well designed cocaine rehab program includes cognitive behavioral health therapy and collaborative treatment programs also develop a very close bond between the addicted person and his therapist. These rehab programs are available in both residential and outpatient capacity and they include:

  • Cocaine detoxification that is controlled and supervised
  • Individual and group therapy
  • 12 step program meetings
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention as well as aftercare programs
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Cocaine Recovery

Recovering from a cocaine addiction is best done when the user enrolls in a professionally supervised rehab program in a treatment center setting. These programs and rehab centers help the patient deal with difficult withdrawal symptoms as well as emotional turmoil like depression, anxiety and paranoia that are quite normal in a cocaine detox process.

After successfully beating the addiction it is necessary that the patient participate in lifelong process of aftercare process by attending aftercare programs as well as 12-step meetings.

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