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Alcohol Detox

About alcohol detox

The 21st century is all about getting fast results and for someone who has made a decision to get on the difficult path of sobriety. The question as to how long alcohol rehab and alcohol detox is going to take is almost as important as what the whole process is going to be like.

However, if you or your loved one are starting with alcohol detox in the near future you need to understand that detox from alcohol is only the first step in the long and difficult road to recovery and healthy life free from addiction. Alcohol detox is one of the most important part of rehab program and it is done so that the process of alcohol intake is ended and the body is cleansed of all the traces of alcohol. The process of alcohol detox usually takes around ten days in which the person may undergo a lot of symptoms that depend upon the frequency at which the patient consumes alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms include nausea and headache but these symptoms can be severe as the patient suffering from delirium tremens (DTs) that is usually accompanied by hallucinations or seizures. The detox process roughly takes the same amount of time for anyone regardless of the severity of the symptoms.

About alcohol detox programs

Alcohol detox programs are available as in-patient as well as outpatient program. The inpatient rehab program usually last about 45 days while outpatient programs last longer. However, the aim of this program remains the same – to address the different ways in which alcohol becomes an addiction and what are the negative impacts of the abuse.

Alcohol abuse leaves the body weak. This is why a lot of rehab programs use vitamin B supplements as well as folic acid and iron so that the overall health of the patient is boosted. Doctors keeping an eye on the detox give the addict medications so that the cravings are reduced.

How Alcohol Detox can Help Alcoholics

Detox not only helps the patient to get rid of alcohol addiction but also allows them to address the psychological aspects of their problem. If you want to know anything regarding alcohol detox programs our helpline numbers are always a ring away.

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