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Opium is a narcotic or an opiate that is derived from poppy plant. Available under a variety of street names like Big O, Black Pill, Joy plant, Dream stick, Chinese tobacco and Zero this extremely addictive narcotic is usually found as black or brown tar like powder. However, it can also be available in liquid and solid. Opium when taken by addicts- it is usually intravenously injected, smoked or taken orally as a pill.

How Can Opium Cause Addiction

Opium is a narcotic and classified Schedule II drug. That is why when used over duration of time can cause the chemical activity of the brain to change. This drug causes the person to feel high or euphoric when taken. This sensation is followed by a sense of well-being and drowsiness. When someone starts taking the drug regularly, the mind and the body craves the feeling of euphoria opium produces and when the person does not get his daily fix of the drug, he or she may suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms.

Short-Term Effects of Opium

The short term use of opium can cause the body to suffer from side effects that include:

  • Feeling of euphoria or being high
  • Slowed breathing followed by drowsiness ( large doses can also cause death)
  • Nausea and confusion
  • Constipation
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Using opium with a mixture of alcohol, antihistamines, benzodiazepines and general anesthetics leads top the depression of the central nervous system, this can lead respiratory depression that can prove to be life-threatening.

Long Term Effects of Opium

Long term effects of opium are:

  • High tolerance to drug
  • Long term use of the drug can lead to physical dependence and addiction
  • The person who has been taking the drug for a long period of time suffers from severe withdrawal symptoms if he stops taking the drug

Opium Addiction Rehab

Opium addiction is a problem that has the potential of destroying the life of an individual. This is why it is important that the addict takes help and enter a drug rehab so that he can begin his long but fruitful journey towards health.

If you or your loved needs help to find the best opium addiction rehab – call our rehab helpline and let our experts help you.

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