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Sober Living

What is Sober Living?

Once an addict who has successfully completed his rehab and recovery process leaves behind the controlled environment of a rehabilitation center and enter a normal life the whole thing may prove to be very daunting to them. A recovering addict may not be prepared to function in a sober – drug and alcohol free environment unless he has the right sober living plans in place.

Most addicts will tell you that in order to successfully stay away from a relapse immediately following treatment they need to immerse themselves in a sober living environment. A sober living house is like a bridge between their treatment center and their former lives.

Sober living houses or sober living environments were initially created to offer recovering addicts a safe and supportive place to live during their recovery. These houses are structured and supportive for a person who was a former addict. Most of the residents of sober houses are those who have just completed a rehab program but it is not a mandatory requirement to enter these houses.

Rules of a sober living house

If you or a loved one plan to live in a sober living house then you must understand, respect and adhere to all of the house rules. These rules are set up so as to protect you as well as other guests in the house from any type of distasteful situation as well as to make the living arrangements more pleasant for everyone.

Most of the sober living houses have different rules but the basic rules may remain the same, these include:

  • No alcohol or drugs consumption
  • Smoking must only be done in designated smoking areas
  • No sexual contact with other residents
  • No stealing from the house and pay fro the program on time
  • No indulgence in violent behavior and must not destroy house property

Living Sober Tips

You need to remember that these sober houses have zero tolerance towards breaking of house rules, so you need to follow them completely. Living sober will be an easier task for you if you try to keep yourself busy with house responsibilities that are provided to you and make friendly relationship with other residents.

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