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Luxury Drug Rehab

As soon as the term luxury drug rehab is mentioned most of you picture a place that is meant for celebrities and movie stars. It is true that these specialized rehab centers do cater to the rich and famous, you do not have to be a household name in order to seek upscale treatment.

However, what makes this luxury rehab treatment center different from a regular one is the posh setting they offer, holistic treatment options as well as a service experience that is meant to integrate with and go beyond standard rehab activities. Moreover, these luxury rehab centers are usually located in exotic locations like secluded country setting or a beach area. Apart from this they also offer private rooms as well work spaces, great dining experience and room service.

Qualities of an Effective Rehab Program

Whether you are choosing a standard drug rehab facility or a luxury rehab center, there are certain important elements that every program must have. These elements include:

  • Detoxification service – A good rehab and treatment program for drugs must offer comprehensive medical care in the form of a detoxification services because withdrawal from a drug can be dangerous and a medically supervised detox can ease the experience.
  • A good rehab and treatment program must have certified clinical and medical staff that has the correct experience in dual diagnosis.
  • A rehab facility must have extensive therapy options with a board-certified substance abuse counselor.
  • It is seen that a residential program that introduces the addicts with the 12-step methodology has a better chance of success.
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Costs of a Luxury Drug Rehab Program

Due to the high end services that luxury rehab centers provide to their patient, they cost quite bit more than regular programs. Most of the time, these extra charges are not covered by insurance that leaves you with a large-out-of-pocket expense. In fact there are certain luxury programs that cater only private clients and do not accept insurance at all.

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