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Crack Cocaine

About Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a crystalline form of cocaine that offers a brief, intense high when smoked making it extremely addictive. Crack cocaine addiction has a highly negative effect on the life of the user, causing permanent respiratory and cardiac damage. There are certain obvious symptoms of a crack cocaine addiction and these may help in identifying the need for a person to enter a drug rehab program.

Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Addiction

  • Uncontrollable urge to use crack
  • Losing interest in the family and friends
  • Feeling helpless and failing to function normally without using crack cocaine
  • Cravings of crack become extreme
  • Spending huge amount of money on buying crack cocaine
  • Feeling uncontrollable urge for the drug that pushes the user to even do illegal and unsafe things
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Encouraging Loved Ones to Seek Treatment

In case you have a near and dear one who is addicted to crack then you must take the necessary steps so that your loved one is motivated to enter an addiction treatment program. You can take the below mentioned steps to intervene and help crack cocaine addict:

  • Do not make excuses for the addict if he is unable to meet the commitments of work, school or family. It is extremely important that you help the addict understand the results of his or her actions
  • You should stop giving money to the user as well ask your family and friends to stop supporting the addiction
  • Always have the right information about the rehab and treatment programs of crack cocaine so that you have all the information right at hand when your loved one finally decides to get help
  • Sit with the drug user and tell him that your family and loved ones are concerned about his or her drug use. Also invite the user to join in the conversation, doing so will help in preventing the defensiveness that might occur if you confront the individual directly

What is Rehab for Crack Addiction Like?

The initial step of a crack cocaine rehab is detox. In this process the user stops using the drug abruptly and completely. However during the detox process withdrawal symptoms are very common and they may start after a few hours of stopping the drugs. Once the withdrawal symptoms are under control the long-term process of remaining drug free begins. These methods include individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational incentives

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