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Who Generally Abuses Inhalants?

Inhalant abuse or addiction to inhalants is one of the most common as well as obvious type of abuse that takes place in the country. The list of abused inhalant is long and it can include nail polish removers, markers, fabric protectors, dry cleaning fluid, hair spray paint thinners as well as gasoline. Inhalant abuse is also commonly known as huffing that is done intentionally to attain a mental high or euphoric effect. Just like other substance abuse cases, one addicted to inhalants should seek help from a drug rehab facility.

According to a survey conducted by the (NSDUH) or the National Survey on Drug Use and Heath, that 68% of the people who abuse inhalants are under the age of 18. In 2011 it was reported that 7% eight graders, 4.5% 10th graders and 3.2% 12th graders reported inhalant use.

 What are some common inhalants that teens abuse?

Inhalants that are most commonly abused are easily available in homes and they can also include volatile solvents and aerosols. The most common type of inhalants that are abused includes:

  • Paint thinners and removers
  • Correction fluid and lighter fluid
  • Degreasers and felt-tip marker fluid
  • Glue and electronic contract cleaners
  • Hair sprays, deodorant sprays and spray paints
  • Fabric protector sprays
  • Whippets or whipped cream aerosols
  • Vegetable oil sprays

Apart from the above mentioned inhalant, nitrite is another inhalant that is primarily used as a sexual enhancers and is also abused.

 How Can Drug Rehab Treat Inhalant Abuse

Most of us do not realize it but inhalant abuse is a severe addiction illness which can have destructive consequences if left untreated. It requires support from medical professionals who are trained to deal with these types of problems and help addicts to get rid of their habit in the healthiest and safest manner possible. Rehab programs for inhalant addiction include assessment of the problem based on which experts decide on the best treatment program that includes therapies like group support, 12 step program and cognitive behavior therapy.

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