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Relapse Prevention

What is relapse?

Relapse is a condition that occurs when a addict who has been clean or sober of drugs and alcohol for any period of time starts using again.  Relapse can occur in a brief one-time lapse in abstinence or it may involve a heavy binge where the user takes large amount of drugs or alcohol. However, no matter what type of relapse a person faces one should not lose heart as he or she can still get back on the road to recovery.  Most of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment approaches also include alcohol as well as drug relapse prevention program.

A relapse prevention plan is a critical part of any rehab program because it makes sure that the recovering person does not get back on the destructive path of addiction.

Tips for Relapse Prevention

  • Do not feel weighed down with your problems and deal with every problem as it occurs. If you deal with every issue as soon as it occurs you can easily limit your stress which also disallows the stress to build up and make you feel overwhelmed.
  • You need to fill your life with healthy and happy activities. Maintain a balance in your life, reward yourself with a hobby that gives you pleasure.  Once your mind and body is away from the thought of your addiction you have more chances of being away from relapse.
  • In order to stay away from the destructive thoughts of your habit, it is always a good advice to surround yourself with people who support and trust you.  Your family, friends, support group as well as your aftercare counselor works as the best kind of safety net and buffer against relapse. Your loved ones help you to deal with your negative feelings in a healthy manner and also keep an eye on warning signs of relapse.

In case you are looking for relapse prevention options, you can call our treatment advisor at our helpline. We will help in answering your questions with utmost confidentially any time day or night.

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